The E-Cig – short for Electronic Cigarette – is a device that is battery powered to produce inhaled doses of nicotine byway of a vaporized solution. It makes use of a rechargeable battery that powers a heating element (coil). The E-Liquid comes in contact with the coil and is then vaporized.


Cartomizer e-cigs is a combination of both cartridge & atomizer. The cartomizers will include pre-filled liquid and can be disposed once the liquid is used up. We carry an extensive selection of Cartomizer E-cigarettes including Blu, Mark10, Vuse, Logic and Metro (Nicotek).


Clearomizer e-cigs are cartomizers which use wicks inside a clear tank to deliver ejuice to the atomizer. We offer many Clearomizer Starter Kits (includes rechargeable battery, clearomizer tank, and USB charger). Starter kits with Variable Voltage VV are also available.


The box mod is the most commonly used vaporizer in the vaping community. They are usually regulated, which means the batteries inside will not decrease the VOLTS as they die. Most box mods have VARIABLE WATTAGE so the vaper can choose how much power the batteries heat up the atomizer. We carry the Kangertech Subox Mini Starter along with the OCC V replacement coils, Subtank Mini Tank, Efest 2-bay LCD charger, and Efest 18650 2900mAh battery.